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Free Washington Parolee Lookup
Find out if someone you know or love was released from prison on parole in Washington, free of charge.

Perform a free Washington parole search and uncover information about individuals serving their supervised sentences anywhere in the state.

Parolees are usually those who have been convicted and served part of their sentences incarcerated but have later been released under some conditions; those individuals finish their sentences outside of a correctional facility, back in the community.

Concerned citizens should always have access to information about those individuals so they can feel safe and informed. The state of Washington makes such information available through different channels.

Anyone can track down facts about any parolee’s past criminal activity, which office they report to, how long they’ll be under supervised release, and more. This resource will guide readers through the process of obtaining free information about the parolees in their community.

How To Conduct a Washington Parole Search for Free

Information about inmates, including those who are currently under supervised release, is public record in Washington. A Washington parole lookup involves a few steps, which will be described below; anyone who follows them will be able to uncover the information they’re looking for.

The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) offers members of the public a free online Inmate Search.1 This system is very convenient to use and allows for searches to be performed by name (full or partial).

A screenshot of an Inmate search results showing the DOC number, name, location, age and Washington vine notification information from the Department of Corrections Washington State website.
Source: Washington State Department of Corrections1

If an individual with the name being searched is incarcerated, their information will appear on the results. However, there aren’t many details available in this system, and all it’ll show is the name of the inmate, their DOC number, location, and a link to register for updates (which can be useful for victims and anyone interested in following a case).

The system won’t show details about the case, which offense was committed that led to sentencing, or an expected release date, for example.

For individuals who are under supervised release, which could be parole or probation, the location field won’t show a facility. Instead, it’ll contain the message “not available, please call for information”. In order to discover more details about that inmate’s case, the user will have to follow the instructions and reach out.

To contact the Washington State DOC for more information on a parolee, this is the information citizens will need:2

Washington State Department of Corrections
7345 Linderson Way SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

Phone: 360-725-8213
Email: [email protected]

Another way to obtain details about a parolee’s status and conviction is to request a background check with the Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH).3 This service isn’t free, but anyone can request a report as long as they have an account and some details about the individual they wish to search.

Online background checks that don’t need to be mailed out cost $11 each, and the person making the request must know the full name and date of birth of the offender they wish to search (which can be found using the Inmate Search provided by the Washington DOC, mentioned above).

Determine if Someone in Washington Is in Violation of Parole or Has Absconded (Fled)

While running a parole search in Washington, interested parties may find the need to find out if a certain offender is up to date with the conditions of their release or if they’re violating them.

The state provides the public with a tool that contains the names of all wanted individuals in the state. This is a comprehensive source that will present information about all wanted offenders in Washington state.4

A screenshot of Washington State Police's most wanted persons showing their name, photo preview, and downloadable file of inmate information.
Source: Washington State Patrol5

It may be a bit of labor, but the tool includes the parole violators, making the search worthwhile.

This resource will allow individuals to search for absconders in two different ways: they can search for open warrants or the most wanted individuals in each Washington county. Either way, users should keep in mind that the results may lead to both individuals who should be currently incarcerated and those violating their supervised release.

Whenever a concerned individual comes across an absconder (or wanted individual, for that matter), they should never engage or try to arrest them. Parole violators or any wanted offenders can be armed and dangerous, and when information about them is available, it should be relayed to law enforcement.

How To Look Up Inmates in a Washington State Prison

The Washington State Department of Corrections is the most convenient tool for residents who seek information relating to inmates in the state. This is an online platform that can be used for free by anyone.

Inmates can be searched by name, and although the results won’t show too much detail about their case, it’ll indicate the facility where they’re serving their sentences – therefore making way for citizens to dig a bit deeper and find out more information by contacting the correctional facility, for example.

If anyone is interested in visiting an inmate, they need to apply.6 Applications can take up to 45 days to be processed, for security reasons. More information about how to apply and what to do when the application is approved is available online.

A screenshot of an application information form that requires filling out some information including the legal first, middle initial, and last name and suffix from the Department of Corrections Washington State website.
Source: Washington State Department of Corrections7

In cases where visiting isn’t possible, inmates can receive and make phone calls – interested people can also find information about how to do it online.8

To send money to an inmate, people can use Western Union, money order, or work with a third party that works with the state.

How To See When a Scheduled Parole Hearing Is or Contact a Washington Parole Officer

The Indeterminate Sentence Review Board is responsible, in Washington state, for the hearings that determine the future of inmates in terms of being able to progress to parole or not.9

They operate under the Washington Department of Corrections and make two lists available:

Over 18,000 individuals are under supervised release in Washington state as of November 2023 (including people on parole and probation). Those individuals are supervised by over 80 offices throughout the state.10 There’s a full list of offices available online for situations where the searcher knows exactly which office to contact.

For Washington citizens looking for assistance in conducting a parole search or needing to reach an officer but aren’t sure which office to contact, this is the information for the Field Administration office headquarters:

Field Administration – Headquarters Office
7345 Linderson Way SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

Phone: 360-725-8213
Email: [email protected]

How To Look Up Washington Probationers for Free

Just like the Inmate Search by the Washington State Department of Corrections doesn’t differentiate searches between incarcerated inmates and parolees, it also doesn’t separate the probationers from the group.

Whenever a searcher uses this free tool, they’ll get as a response any inmate in the system that matches the parameters – regardless of which status they have.

This search tool provides a pathway for the public to make a call and find out if the inmate they’re interested in is on probation, parole, etc. When in doubt if the offender of interest is on parole or probation or when in need of more information, inquirers can always reach out to the Washington State Department of Corrections for more information:

Washington State Department of Corrections
7345 Linderson Way SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

Phone: 360-725-8213
Email: [email protected]

Inmate information, especially those who are on supervised release, is important. Being able to uncover insightful information about them can potentially make a citizen feel safer and more informed.

With that in mind, interested parties should always feel comfortable performing a Washington parole search as long as everyone’s privacy is respected and the information is used responsibly.


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